A concrete driveway is often preferred over an asphalt drive for several reasons. First, it is a better match for the exterior of your home. When built properly, concrete is stronger, longer-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, concrete is much easier to maintain over time than asphalt. Finally, concrete costs much less than asphalt, usually costing as little as $2.50 per square yard.


Asphalt is a more traditional choice for a driveway. Its popularity comes from its versatility and cost-effectiveness. However, asphalt prices tend to vary depending on fluctuations in oil prices. Unlike concrete, asphalt prices tend to vary wildly over time. It may be more economical to have concrete built over an existing asphalt driveway. Additionally, concrete does not degrade over time like asphalt does, making it ideal for long term use.


Concrete driveways are often built with a precast system, which allows for the most efficient installation process. When poured into place, precast concrete blocks can be installed by a professional paving contractor. Because it has a very tight bond with the surrounding landscape, concrete is able to be cut to size. This is helpful for large projects, such as patios, parking lots or walkways. For smaller projects, it may be possible to create a customized design using a precast concrete machine.


Another benefit of concrete is that it can be easily maintained over time. By adding a special sealant to the surface, concrete can be protected from weathering and the elements for many years to come. To preserve the beauty of the driveway, it should be sealed from the outside in. This is achieved by first adding an oil-based sealant to the driveway surface. This sealant will then be sealed into the concrete with a special penetrating silicone.


Concrete driveways can also be customized to match your home’s style and specifications. By choosing a durable, color-coded coating that matches the exterior paint of your home, a custom concrete driveway can match your home’s interior color scheme.


Many people also prefer the convenience of a precast driveway. This method offers a quick, convenient method for building a driveway without having to excavate. After the pouring is complete, the concrete is set in place and ready to use immediately. Unlike digging holes and lining them with gravel, the precast system can be laid on top of existing pavement in a matter of days.


Another benefit of the precast system is the ability to create an exact duplicate of your driveway, even down to the smallest details. By using a precast machine, it is very easy to create a duplicate of any portion of your driveway, including the driveway step or walkway. By replicating the concrete, you can create the appearance of a driveway with almost exactly identical steps, which can save on labor costs. Also, the concrete driveway can be cut to fit any specifications, providing a seamless look that eliminates the need for expensive masonry or brickwork.


Concrete driveways are also available in many different colors, creating a sense of uniqueness. By using a concrete machine, you can create the appearance of multiple driveways with the same driveway, ensuring that each driveway looks exactly alike, but is still unique in its design.


Some concrete driveways come equipped with a sealer. This prevents stains, dirt, and debris from accumulating on the surface. It also makes cleaning easier, as you can simply wipe off the driveway before heading out the door. By choosing the right type of sealant for the area, you can make the driveway weatherproof and free from rust and corrosion.


For added convenience, a concrete driveway comes pre-painted, allowing you to choose from a variety of colors and designs. With a pre-painted driveway, you can also have a customized look, matching your home’s color scheme.


Before you begin your search for a concrete driveway contractor, do a quick Internet search to find a contractor’s website. There are many sites dedicated to helping homeowners decide what type of driveway they would like to install in their homes.